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PARADE Enrollment FAQ's

What is the PARADE program?

The K-12 PARADE program was created to support families who want to home-educate their children, in collaboration with the school district. Within this program parents are the primary educators. Certificated teachers provide weekly classes, consultation, and resources. Parents have the opportunity to network with each other at regular parent meetings and trainings.
Challenging academic class offerings are balanced with enrichment courses such as art, drama, computers, textiles, robotics, and many others. Typical class size is 15-20 students, and many classes are multi-age. As students move from the primary years through high school, the focus of the program gradually shifts and becomes more certificated-teacher directed. This allows high school students to earn credits and graduate with a Riverview School District diploma.
Students who attend the PARADE program do not need to fill out a "Declaration of Intent to Homeschool" form, nor do they fall under the Home Based Instruction law. Parents will, however, be asked to sign a "Statement of Understanding" about this distinction.
Washington State requires full-time students to meet or exceed the following weekly instruction requirements:

Kindergarten = 10 hours per week
Grade 1-3 = 20 hours per week
Grade 4-12 = 25 hours per week

The hours indicated above include on and off-campus instruction. For example, if your child is full-time enrolled at PARADE and in 5th grade and spends 5 hours each week in classes, the Written Student Learning Plan would also include 20 hours (or more) of time that you spend with your child on studies off campus. Some weeks you may do less (holidays, sickness, etc.) and some weeks you may do more - the WSLP will show a weekly estimate.

Do I have to submit a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP)?
In order to keep our program in compliance with the Alternative Learning Experience WAC (392-121-182) in our state, we have requirements to fulfill. It is necessary that we keep accurate records in order to maintain the integrity of our program. In order for our program to receive funding from the state there must be a WSLP on file before a student can attend classes.

What is a Written Student Learning Plan?
All students who enroll full or part-time in the PARADE program are required to establish and maintain a WSLP. Simply stated, a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) includes the goals you and your child have for this school term, and how progress toward these goals will be measured. The parent and District certificated staff, at the first conference, generate the WSLP which is kept in the student file and updated at every conference. WAC 392-121-182 changed, effective August 2013.
The new rules require that:

A WSLP must be written before a student can attend classes.
The WSLP must be reviewed monthly

Progress towards WSLP goals must be communicated and documented during the review process.
It is also important that you communicate with your student's conferencing teacher:

A Full Time Enrolled Student (1.0 FTE)

I do not live within the Riverview School District #407 boundary. Can I enroll my student in the PARADE program?
Yes, you must file an attendance waiver with your current district and be accepted into the Riverview School District. Please note that we are not able to accept an out-of-district student who has an IEP.

What kind of resources does the PARADE program have to offer?

Extensive Curriculum Library - Materials available for checkout include books, games, and consumable curriculum. The PARADE program will assist in providing the curriculum materials necessary to work on the WSLP goals. All texts and non-consumables are the property of the Riverview Learning Center and need to be returned at the end of the school year.
Certificated Teachers - Teachers available for consultations, searching out materials, developing lesson plans, and providing curriculum support for subjects you are teaching at home.
Parents - There is a strong sense of community here among the families. We all work together and support each other. Parent volunteers are an integral part of this program.

My student takes classes at PARADE. How much homework is involved?
There is homework in some classes, but it is up to the parents to find and provide additional educational opportunities to fulfill the 20-25 hour per week requirement.

Does PARADE offer classes for high school credit?
All of our high school classes are for credit classes. If your high school student takes any class at PARADE, they will receive credit for that class and that grade will be posted to their high school transcript. PARADE high school students can earn credits and graduate with a Riverview School District diploma.

Is the High School PARADE program different from the K-8 program?
When a student reaches grade 9, both parent and student fill out applications for the PARADE high school program. As part of this process, parents and students sign a "Purposes and Expectations" form. At the initial WSLP meeting, high school students and their parents will create a general plan for their high school years, including their tentative plans for after high school. We will use these plans to write a WSLP with appropriate classes, independent study courses, and other learning experiences to help students achieve their goals. Parent update meetings are held monthly.

Can a student attend PARADE part-time and also attend another school in our district, or a virtual/online school?
Yes, we have agreed to accept dual enrollment. However, you must enroll in PARADE for 60% or more of total enrollment.

My student wants to take an online class. Are online classes offered through PARADE?
Our district online program is called Apex, and is available only to our high school students. We do have students who take Apex classes during their day at PARADE. You can talk to your conferencing teacher about how taking an Apex class could be part of your curriculum.

Does PARADE offer state testing? And if so, is my student required to test?
Our Parent Partnership is an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) and all students are required to participate in annual state assessments as designated by grade level and in specific core areas.

What are the attendance expectations?
Students are expected to attend all classes they have been scheduled for. State law mandates that parents call the Riverview Learning Center when their student(s) will be absent. Students absent without an excuse will be marked truant.
If a student shows a pattern of truancy:

What do I have to do if my child is going to be absent from school?
Please call the attendance office at 425-844-4960. You should leave your child's name, the reason for the absence, the date of the absence, and your name to confirm that it is a parent/guardian that is verifying the absence.

What happens after I have called in my child's absence?
The building secretary will then proceed to mark your student's attendance record with an "Excused" or "Unexcused" absence according to District policies.

I don't know if my student is up-to-date with immunizations. What can I do about this?
You need to start with your doctor's office and get the information from them about the status of your child's immunizations. If you choose to turn in a Certificate of Exemption form, please note that the form needs to be signed by a doctor. We have immunization information at our front office, as well as in the registration packet. Our district is subject to the regulations mandated by the State Department of Health, which may be different than the recommendations of your doctor.

How do I find the PARADE calendar?

Who do I call for more information?
Kris Rodger, Building Secretary at 425-844-4960 or email rodgerk@rsd407.org