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How to Register for CLIP

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To inquire about enrollment for next year, Contact Kris Rodger by Email

Registering for the CLIP/CLEAR Program at the Riverview Learning Center (RLC)

Our program enrolls students at all times of the school year depending on circumstances.  Interested students need to apply and conference with the RLC administration and counselor for admission.  Upon admission, students will complete the registration materials and then meet with the instructor to complete the student's Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) per ALE regulations.  The mission of the program will be considered in selecting students for admission.


Interested students should:

1.  Review the website and FAQ to learn about the CLIP/CLEAR program.

2.  If enrolled at Cedarcrest, conference with the high school counselor to determine if the CLIP/CLEAR program(s) are an appropriate fit.

3.  Conference with parents/guardians.

4.  Contact the RLC at 425-844-4960 to schedule an intake meeting with the RLC administration and counselor

           -  Students should bring transcripts and other pertinent records to the meeting.

5.  Students will need to inform the RLC of the following pieces of information:

          -  Is the student currently enrolled in school?

          -  Does the student have an IEP?

          -  Current suspensions and/or expulsions

          -  The location of the student's primary residence

6.  After initial meeting and when approved:

          -   Complete regisration packet.

          -  Clear fines and fees at prior school.

          -  Withdraw from prior school.

          -  Schedule meeting with program instructor to create a schedule and WSLP. 

          -  Begin classes at your new schoo! 

Riverview Alternative Programs Statement of Understanding